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武汉半永久定妆眼线孝感孝昌县大悟县云梦县做纹美瞳线多少钱襄樊市眼妆多少钱 In the last several months, at least three brokerage firms have made announcements touting their international reach — so, it must be a trend.过去几个月里,至少已经有三家房地产经纪公司高调宣布了它们的国际化经营路线——因此,这肯定是个潮流。First, the German brokerage Engel amp; V#246;lkers announced it was opening an office in New York City; then the New York stalwart Douglas Elliman Real Estate codified a longstanding relationship with the brokerage firm Knight Frank of London, creating Douglas Elliman Fine Homes/Knight Frank Residential. And finally, a few weeks ago, Town Residential said it was opening an outpost in London and expanding relationships in places as far-flung as Brazil, Nigeria and Hong Kong.一开始,德国经纪公司Engel amp; V#246;lkers宣布,它将在纽约市开设办事处;接着,纽约大鳄道格拉斯·艾丽曼房地产公司(Douglas Elliman Real Estate)和伦敦的经纪公司莱坊国际(Knight Frank)就其长期合作关系达成协议,创立了道格拉斯·艾丽曼美居/莱坊住宅(Douglas Elliman Fine Homes/Knight Frank Residential)。最后,几星期前,Town Residential也宣布将在伦敦设立办事处,同时在巴、尼日利亚、香港等遥远地区拓展合作关系。Why so much emphasis in New York on the global market? Real estate is, after all, very local. And New Yorkers have always prided themselves on uniqueness, with quirky co-op buildings, lengthy board applications and deep neighborhood identities.为什么纽约在全球市场当中如此受重视呢?毕竟,房地产业的地域性是很强的;况且纽约人素来以自己的独特而自豪,他们的共管公寓楼外形古怪,管委会审批申请的流程冗长,社区身份的观念也根深蒂固。But over the last decade, and especially in the years since the recession, New York City real estate has undergone a significant shift. Hundreds of high-end condominiums have been built, and many of the builders no longer have, as the local cable channel NY1 News might put it, “real New Yorkers” in mind. Instead, it is the overseas buyer they are considering when they tout their tower’s expansive views of Central Park or hotel-style concierge services.不过近几十年来,尤其是在经济衰退后的这些年里,纽约市的房地产业经历了重大变迁。成百上千的高端共管公寓拔地而起,很多建筑商已不再考虑当地买家,也就是当地有线电视频道NY1新闻所说的那些“真正的纽约人”了;相反,当他们标榜其楼盘的住户能够坐拥中央公园的广阔景观,和酒店式的门房务时,他们考虑的是海外买家。And it seems to have worked. With our ever-expanding number of foreigner-friendly buildings, New York is taking its place as a hot spot for global wealth. “All my friends aly bought old townhouses in London,” said Emir Bahadir, a founder of RLTY NYC in Manhattan and a fifth-generation member of a Turkish real estate family. “They want to come to New York, where you can get developments with pools inside the apartments and beautiful design — things London can’t offer,” said Mr. Bahadir, who ought to know, having grown up in London and at a Swiss boarding school.而这招似乎已经奏效了。随着“亲外”楼盘的数量达到前所未有的水平,纽约正日益成为吸引全球财富的一大热点。“我所有朋友都在伦敦买过年代久远的联排别墅,”埃米尔·巴哈迪(Emir Bahadir)说,他是曼哈顿房企RLTY NYC的创始人,也是土耳其一个地产世家的第五代成员,“他们想来纽约,因为在纽约的开发项目,你可以买到设计美观且带游泳池的公寓——这些东西都是伦敦给不了的。”巴哈迪说。他从小在伦敦长大,在瑞士读过寄宿学校,因此了解情况。“For the first time, you have a full class of luxury condominiums in New York, and that product type caters to the non-New York buyer,” said Stuart N. Siegel, the president of Engel amp; V#246;lkers New York Real Estate. “In the past, you might have had the Olympic Tower, or Trump Tower, but those were first-generation buildings and they were seen as a class below the classic townhouse or co-op in New York. That is no longer the case.”“纽约的奢华共管公寓首度形成了气候,而这种产品类型面向的是外地的买家,”Engel amp; V#246;lkers地产公司纽约办事处的总裁斯图尔特·N·西格尔(Stuart N. Siegel)说,“过去,你可能会有奥林匹克大厦(Olympic Tower)或者川普大楼(Trump Tower),但那些是第一代楼盘,在人们眼里它们不如经典的联排别墅或合作公寓。而现在,情况不一样了。”James C. Cox Jr., a broker at Urban Compass who lived for three years in Kazakhstan, has many buyer clients from that country, once part of the Soviet bloc. “We had an early look at the Woolworth building, because I have clients interested in buying there,” he said. “There is a lot of dark, heavy wood and big panels of marble. It might not be appealing to local buyers since it is not as fresh and modern-looking, but for sure it is the style of my clients from the former Soviet Union.”Urban Compass的经纪人小詹姆斯·C·考克斯(James C. Cox Jr.)曾在哈萨克斯坦生活了三年,有很多买家客户来自这个原为苏联集团成员国之一的国度。“我们很早就关注了伍尔沃斯大厦(Woolworth),因为我有几个客户有兴趣在那里买房,”他说,“那个楼盘采用了很多深色、厚重的木材,和大块的大理石板。当地买家可能会不喜欢,因为它看起来并不新鲜,也没有现代感;但是可以肯定,我的前苏联客户很钟意这种风格。”Kenneth S. Horn, the president of Alchemy Properties, the developer that is reinventing the Woolworth tower into condominiums, said the interiors were not created to cater to any specific clientele. “We have designed the Woolworth Tower Residences to appeal to a classical sense of design,” he said. “We wanted to create units that had great architectural significance and were true to the heritage of the building.”炼金地产(Alchemy Properties)是负责将伍尔沃斯大厦改建成共管公寓楼的开发商。其总裁肯尼思·S·霍恩(Horn)说,其室内设计风格并没有刻意讨好某个特定的客户群体。“我们将伍尔沃斯大厦住宅(Woolworth Tower Residences)设计得比较吸引那些喜欢经典设计的人群,”他说,“我们想建造既有建筑重要性,又忠于原物风格的单元。”It is no secret, though, that New York developers are increasingly building with a foreign clientele in mind. And these buyers have a multitude of choices. There are the tall Midtown spires offering enormous cityscape views like One57 and 432 Park Avenue, or buildings with known brands and hotel services like the 30 Park Place Four Seasons Residences in Lower Manhattan, or highly stylized projects like the Zaha Hadid-designed condominium adjacent to the High Line park.不过,纽约开发商的项目正日益迎合外国客户的需求,已经不是什么秘密了。这些买家的选择范围很广,既有能够观赏辽阔城市景观的高耸中城区尖塔,比如One57、公园大道(Park Avenue)432号;也有附带酒店务的知名品牌,比如曼哈顿下城的公园广场(Park Place)30号四季公寓(Four Seasons Residences);还有风格独特的项目,比如由扎哈·哈迪德(Zaha Hadid)设计、毗邻高线公园(High Line park)的那些共管公寓。“A Brazilian who has a health insurance business recently bought a million apartment at One57, and we have sold a few units at the Trump SoHo just over the phone,” said Cristiano Piquet, the founder of Piquet Realty, who represents many Brazilian buyers. “Demand from Brazil is increasing, and we are going to see a big wave of buyers coming right after the elections in a few weeks,” he said. “They are uncertain of the future there, and want to park their money in a more stable economy like the U.S.”“有个开健康保险公司的巴西人,最近在One57买了一套价值6000万美元(约合人民币3.7亿元)的公寓。而且我们通过电话就卖出了苏豪川普大厦(Trump SoHo)的一些单元,”皮奎特地产(Piquet Realty)的创始人克里斯蒂亚诺·皮奎特(Cristiano Piquet)说,他有很多巴西客户,“巴西市场的需求越来越旺盛,几星期后,选举一结束,我们紧接着就会迎来一买家,”他说,“他们对那边的未来感到不确定,所以想把钱投到美国这类更加稳定的经济体中来。”Global instability is a key driver of demand here, and while there has been an increase in supply to satisfy demand, “we are still at an absorption rate of almost half of what is considered normal in New York City,” said Wendy Maitland, the president of sales at Town Residential. “Yes, we have more inventory, and yes, there will be certain segments of the product that won’t move as quickly as sellers hope, but we are still at historic lows in terms of existing inventory and inventory coming on line.”当地的房产需求,主要是由全球不稳定因素拉动的。房源的供给量已有所增涨,以满足需求,而“吸纳率依然只接近纽约市正常水平的一半。”Town Residential的销售负责人温蒂·梅特兰(Wendy Maitland)说,“诚然,我们的存量房更多了,而且,某些类别的产品不会像卖家所希望的那样很快转手;但是我们现有的存量房和即将上市的存量房,依然处在历史较低水平。”Armed with this view, Town is making an effort to push its presence overseas. “We have consciously and deliberately set about forging direct and vetted relationships with brokers in the luxury market in cities all over the globe,” Ms. Maitland said.出于这样的考虑,Town Residential正致力于海外扩张。“我们已经开始有意识地与全球各地奢华住宅市场的经纪人建立直接而长远的联系。”梅特兰说。While brokerages are expanding their footprint overseas to lure foreign buyers to Manhattan and vice versa, there are, of course, some stumbling blocks. One is New York taxes. “Taxes are a major problem,” Mr. Cox of Urban Compass said. “We help buyers structure limited liability companies to avoid, or minimize, some taxes, but it is often a challenge to explain all the different taxes they are charged.”虽然经纪公司正在纷纷进军海外,吸引外国买家前往曼哈顿(反之亦然),但是他们也不可避免地会遇到一些绊脚石。其中之一,便是纽约的房产税费。“税费是一大问题,”Urban Compass的考克斯说,“我们帮助买家组建有限责任公司来避税、或者尽量减少某些税费。但是,要想把他们负担的所有税费一一解释清楚,往往是个很大的挑战。”These charges include transfer taxes, the mortgage recording tax and the mansion tax. “When I have buyers from outside New York — not just overseas buyers but Americans who live in other states — they are overwhelmed by the taxes they see crossing the table at a closing,” said Jeffrey S. Reich, a partner at the law firm Wolf Haldenstein Adler Freeman amp; Herz.这些税费包括转让税、房贷登记税(mortgage recording tax)和豪宅税。“每次接待外地买家——还不仅仅是海外买家,也包括居住在其他州的美国人——他们在成交的时候都会被即将面临的税费吓到。”律师事务所Wolf Haldenstein Adler Freeman amp; Herz的合伙人杰弗里·S·莱希(Jeffrey S. Reich)说。Buyers who are borrowing more than 0,000 must pay a mortgage recording tax of 2.175 percent of the total; for properties of more than million, there is an additional 1 percent mansion tax. Then there are the transfer taxes, which can total close to 2 percent of the purchase price, and are supposedly the responsibility of the seller, but in a market like the current one, are often paid by the buyer. “It ends up that you can pay over 5 percent in taxes just for the benefit of being able to invest your money in New York City,” Mr. Reich said.贷款超过50万美元(约合人民币306万元)的买家,必须付总额的2.175%,作为房贷登记税;如购买价值超过100万美元(约合人民币612万元)的房产,还需额外缴纳1%的豪宅税。此外还有转让税,其总额可达售价的2%,本该由卖家付,但在一个当前这样的市场里,转让税往往是由买家付的。“这样算下来,你可能需要付超过5%的税费,就是为了能够享受在纽约投资的好处。”莱希说。In recent weeks, an idea has been floated of also charging a so-called pied-à-terre tax for part-time residents who buy expensive properties. Under one proposal, the owner of a unit valued at between million and million would pay 0.5 percent of the amount over the million threshold. This would gradually increase, capping off at properties of more than million, where the owner would pay a 0,000 fee plus 4 percent of the amount over million.最近几周,出现了一个新观点,就是要额外征收所谓的“临时住所税”(pied-à-terre tax),其征收对象是购买昂贵房产作为临时住所的住户。在一项提议下,如果房主的单元价值在500到600万美元(约合人民币3058到3670万),那么房主需要对超过500万美元的部分付0.5%的临时住所税。而且,税负是呈梯级上升的,最高梯级是超过2500万美元(约合人民币1.5亿元)的房产,其房主需要付37万美元(约合人民币226万元)的费用。同时,对于售价超过2500万美元的部分,还需交纳4%的税。This could have a chilling effect on the market. “My clients compare New York with Florida,” Mr. Piquet said of his Brazilian clientele, “and if Florida has much lower taxes, that could be a deciding factor for them to buy there instead.”这对于市场有着寒蝉效应(Chilling effect)。“我的客户会把纽约和佛罗里达做比较,”皮奎特提到他的巴西客户时说,“如果佛罗里达的税费要低很多,那么这会成为一个决定性的因素,促使他们转而在佛罗里达买房。”New York, of course, is not the only city popular with global buyers that charges high taxes. In London, for instance, a buyer of a new million property would pay nearly 8 percent of the value in taxes and fees, while in Hong Kong, that number can rise to as much as 25 percent, according to Liam Bailey, the global head of research at Knight Frank. London, like New York, is also bracing for the possibility of an additional tax next year, with a proposal to charge a mansion tax on properties valued at more than 2 million pounds, Mr. Bailey said.当然,纽约不是唯一一个受到全球买家热捧的高税费城市。比如说在伦敦,如果购置价值300万美元(约合人民币1835万元)的新房,买家需付将近8%的税费;而在香港,这一比例可能高达25%。这些数据来源于莱坊国际全球住宅研究部的主管利亚姆·巴莱(Liam Bailey)。伦敦和纽约一样,也在考虑明年额外设立一个税种的可能性。有提议说,要对价值超过200万英镑(约合人民币1969万元)的房产征收豪宅税,巴莱如是说。In London, and increasingly in New York, there is a feeling that wealthy foreign buyers are driving up the price of real estate for locals. There is also a fear that so many part-time residents will create ghostly avenues of tall towers that stand mostly dark and vacant in the night sky.在伦敦(在纽约也日益如此),人们感觉,富裕的外国买家正在抬高当地的房价,让本地人不胜其扰。还有人担忧,如此众多的临时住户,会催生出一条又一条“鬼街”,街边的高楼大厦在夜空下大多黑压压的一片,里面空无一人。The jury is still out, and the luxury market fueled by foreign wealth could wane. Still, half the buyers of properties priced above 2 million pounds in Central London are foreign nationals, Mr. Bailey said; they show no sign of leaving anytime soon. If the trend continues apace, New York might soon be able to make a similar claim.前景仍不明朗,而被外国富豪炒起来的奢华住宅市场也可能会衰落。不过,在伦敦市中心购买超过200万英镑房产的买家当中,依然有半数是外国人,巴莱如是说;这些人还没有任何在短期内离开的迹象。如果这个趋势继续快速发展下去,纽约或许很快也能与伦敦并驾齐驱了。 /201410/339276Fosun, the private conglomerate run by the man dubbed “China’s Warren Buffett”, has taken a big step into the European real estate market by signing a joint venture deal with UK-based asset manager Resolution Property.掌门人有“中国巴菲特”之称的民营企业集团复星(Fosun)与英国地产基金管理公司Resolution Property签署了一份合资协议,从而向进军欧洲房地产市场迈出了一大步。The deal is the latest evidence that Fosun, which owns companies in industries ranging from pharmaceuticals and mining to media and holidays, has embarked on a big international expansion.这份协议是最新的据,明在多个行业(从制药和采矿,到媒体和度假)拥有业务的复星,已踏上大规模国际扩张之路。Led by Guo Guangchang, Fosun last month signed a joint venture deal with British travel company Thomas Cook, selling holidays to Fosun’s Chinese Club Med resorts and a number of Chinese hotels selected by Thomas Cook.由郭广昌执掌的复星,上月与英国旅游公司托马斯錠克(Thomas Cook)签署合资协议,销售复星的中国Club Med度假村、以及托马斯錠克精选的一批中国酒店的假日旅游务。In April it partnered private equity investor TPG Capital to buy circus and entertainment company Cirque du Soleil.今年4月,复星联手私募股权投资者德太集团(TPG Capital),收购了马戏团及公司——太阳马戏团(Cirque du Soleil)。And in May it bought Bermuda-based insurer Ironshore.5月,复星收购了总部位于百慕大的保险公司Ironshore。Fosun’s activity is part of a wider trend of Chinese companies investing in Europe. In a number of deals over recent months, several large Chinese groups have bought second and third tier European financial services companies.复星的一系列动作是中国企业加快在欧洲投资的更广泛趋势的一部分。近几个月,中国的数家大型集团接连出手,收购了欧洲多家二三线金融务公司。Xu Xiaoliang, Fosun Group vice-president, said the Resolution deal marked “a significant step in Fosun’s global approach”.复星集团副总裁徐晓亮表示,与Resolution的交易标志着“复星地产全球化布局的又一重要事件”。“We have focused on finding experienced and professional overseas investment and management platforms as our priority,” he said. Fosun was “building up global investment capacity”.“我们认为成熟的海外专业资管平台,是复星地产应首先考虑的投资对象,”他表示。复星正在“打造全球化投资能力”。Fosun’s debut UK property deal came in 2013 when it acquired Lloyds Chambers in the City of London, and it stepped into the US in the same year, buying 1 Chase Manhattan Plaza in New York.复星的首笔英国房地产交易是在2013年完成的,当时它买下了伦敦金融城的Lloyds Chambers大楼,同年复星还进军美国,买下纽约天大楼——大通曼哈顿广场一号(One Chase Manhattan Plaza)。 /201507/384191湖北省哪里切眉好

湖北纹绣吧湖北省一般绣眉需要多少钱 SHOUYANG, China — Jin Peisheng, a drilling rig foreman, knows the challenges of trying to extract natural gas from a coal seam under the cornfields here in north-central China.中国寿阳——钻井队长金培盛(音译)深知,从华北地区玉米地下的煤层中开采天然气是多么难的一件事。Cracks in the subterranean coal are flooded with water that needs to be pumped out before the gas will emerge. The coal seams are so cold that gels injected into the well, which are meant to help release the gas, sometimes become gummy and block the flow instead. And there is constant concern about hitting the labyrinths of active coal mines that honeycomb the area.地下煤层的裂缝里注满了水,需要都抽出来,才能让天然气得以释放。注入矿井的胶体本来是为了促进天然气的释放,但煤层实在是过于冰冷,使得胶体有时会变得太粘稠,反而挡住了天然气的流动。此外,人们常常会担心,这种做法会伤及这片区域里正在开采的迷宫般的地下煤矿。“The big uncertainty is what’s underground — if there’s a tunnel, that’s a big danger. It would be dangerous for the miners,” Mr. Jin said.“最不能确定的是地下有什么——如果有隧道,风险就大了。那对矿工来说是很危险的,”金培盛说。Faced with severe air pollution from coal and a rising dependence on energy imports, China has been eager to follow the ed States by rapidly increasing natural gas output. Replacing coal with natural gas has also been central to Beijing’s hopes to limit emissions of global warming gases in China, the world’s largest producer of carbon dioxide by a wide margin.面对煤炭造成的严重大气污染,以及越来越依赖进口能源的现状,中国一直迫切希望效仿美国,迅速提高天然气产量。用天然气取代煤炭,也是中国控制温室气体排放的希望所在。中国是全球最大的二氧化碳排放国,排放量远高于其他国家。But China’s ability to extract sufficient natural gas is in serious doubt. Despite heavy investment and strong government support, China’s natural gas production is growing at a slower pace than its decelerating economy. China’s production of natural gas increased just 6 percent last year and 4.4 percent in 2012.然而,中国开采天然气的能力却深受质疑。尽管获得了大量投资,并得到了政府的大力扶持,中国天然气产量的增速仍然比不上不断放缓的经济增速。中国的天然气产量去年仅提高了6%,而2012年的增幅为2.2%。China’s main problem is that shale gas production has fallen far short of expectations. That has left the country relying on alternative methods considered also-rans by American standards, like pumping natural gas from coal fields.中国的主要问题是,页岩气产量与期望值相去甚远。于是,中国不得不依靠其他方法,比如从煤田中开采天然气,而这些方法以美国的标准来看都颇为落后。Now, the Chinese government appears to be acknowledging the shortfall. Wu Xinxiong, the director of the National Energy Administration of China, unexpectedly said in a speech this summer that China’s target for domestic natural gas production in 2020 was only 30 billion cubic meters for shale gas and another 30 billion cubic meters for coal seam gas. Just two years ago, the National Energy Administration estimated that China would produce 60 billion to 100 billion cubic meters of shale gas alone by 2020.如今,中国政府似乎承认了这方面的缺陷。国家能源局局长吴新雄今夏在演讲中令人意外地表示,中国2020年国内天然气生产的目标仅为,页岩气和煤层气各300亿立方米。就在两年前,国家能源局还曾估计,2020年,单是国内的页岩气产量就可以达到600亿到1000亿立方米。If Mr. Wu’s forecast comes true, shale gas and coal field gas would each supply only 1 percent of China’s electricity generation needs in 2020.如果吴新雄的预测成为了事实,那么在2020年,页岩气和煤层气分别只能满足中国1%的发电需求。“If the population and economy keep growing, and extensive energy use continues, sustaining China’s energy supply will be hard,” Mr. Wu warned.“在人口和经济总量不断增长的情况下,如果延续目前这种粗放的用能方式,我国的能源供应难以持。”吴新雄说。Gas production has been slow to rise despite energetic efforts by Beijing to make it financially attractive for energy companies, including direct subsidies for shale gas production. The Chinese government also announced on Aug. 13 that it would raise urban wholesale prices for natural gas at the end of the month by roughly 18 percent for industrial users.尽管中国政府花大力气想要提高该领域在经济方面对能源企业的吸引力,包括对页岩气生产提供了直接的补贴,但天然气产量一直增长缓慢。中国政府8月13日宣布,非民用天然气的价格在月底将上调约18%。With domestic supplies increasing slowly, China has been looking elsewhere. It agreed in May to buy gas from Russia under a 30-year, 0 billion deal. And it has begun importing liquefied natural gas from Qatar, Australia and Yemen.由于国内供应增长乏力,中国已经把目光投向其他地方。今年5月,中国签署了一份价值4000亿美元(约合2.5万亿元人民币)的长达30年的合同,将从俄罗斯购买天然气。中国也已经开始从卡塔尔、澳大利亚和也门进口液化天然气。The natural gas is sorely needed. Beijing plans to retire four coal-fired power plants by the end of this year and replace them with gas-fired plants in an effort to reduce air pollution.中国对天然气的需求非常迫切。北京打算在今年年底之前将四家燃煤电厂改为燃气电厂,以减少大气污染。But China does not have enough gas for a larger-scale conversion of power plants to gas. So the national government has aly told smaller, less influential cities to stick with coal for now, and has discouraged businesses from investing heavily in gas-fired equipment.然而,中国并没有足够的天然气来更大规模地推广燃气发电。因此,中国政府已经要求影响力较为有限的中小型城市,暂时继续使用燃煤发电,并劝诫企业不要大举投资燃气设备。Gas had looked like one of the few remaining ways for China to reduce its addiction to coal. China’s nuclear power program slowed after Japan’s triple meltdown in Fukushima. Efforts to expand hydroelectric power have run into environmental concerns as well as the huge cost of resettling people from areas flooded when dams are built to make artificial lakes. Solar power and wind power are growing rapidly, but from small bases.天然气一度看起来是中国减少对煤炭依赖的为数不多的办法之一。在日本福岛核电站发生三重熔融事故之后,中国的核能项目放慢了步伐。扩大水力发电的努力则遭遇了环保方面的担忧,而且为了造湖而修建的水坝会导致人员迁徙,从而带来巨大成本。太阳能和风能的确在迅速增长,但基础太过薄弱。The revised figures from Mr. Wu represented China’s first official acknowledgment of what Western experts have been saying for many months: The country will not approach the success of the ed States in shale gas anytime soon.吴新雄对天然气产量预期的调整,意味着中国首次正式承认了西方国家的专家近段时间以来的说法:中国在短期内将无法触及美国在页岩气领域的那种成就。Shale gas deposits lie much deeper in China than in the ed States, which greatly increases drilling costs. Chinese shale also tends to be laden with clay and is much wetter than American shale, making it harder to crack the shale and release the gas through pumping liquids and sand underground, the process known as hydraulic fracturing, or fracking.在中国,页岩气储备的埋藏位置要比美国深得多,大大增加了开采成本。中国的页岩层中还往往掺杂着大量泥土,且比美国的页岩层潮湿得多,因此更加难以通过向地下泵入液体和沙子来压裂页岩以释放其中的天然气——也就是所谓的“水力压裂”。After 40 million years of powerful earthquakes as the Indian subcontinent plowed into southern Asia, the main shale gas seams in western China are jumbled underground, instead of lying flat like a stack of pancakes, as in the ed States, said Jeff Layman, a partner in the Beijing office of Baker Botts, the big Houston energy law firm.贝克茨律师事务所(Baker Botts)北京办公室的合伙人雷介福(Jeff Layman)表示,经过4000万年印度次大陆挤入南亚板块带来的强烈地震,中国西部的主要页岩气层在地下混杂分布,而不是像美国那样,如同一摞薄饼平铺在地底。贝克茨律师事务所是总部位于休斯顿的大型能源律所。In March, Sinopec, a Chinese oil giant, announced the country’s first commercially viable shale gas deposit, located outside Chongqing, and predicted annual production would reach a hefty 10 billion cubic meters by 2017. But the company has released few details, prompting foreign energy experts to begin asking whether all of the seams are truly shale, although Sinopec insists they are.今年3月,中国石油业巨头中石化宣布,发现了国内首个具有商业价值的页岩气田,并预测到2017年,这个位于重庆郊外的页岩气田的年产量将达到颇为可观的100亿立方米。但该公司没有透露多少相关细节,使得外国能源专家开始怀疑,是否所有矿层都是纯正的页岩层,尽管中石化坚称的确如此。Neither Sinopec nor its rival, PetroChina, has announced any other large fields despite extensive drilling. Both of these state-controlled companies said in March that they were still drilling actively for shale gas in China even as they cut their worldwide exploration budgets for oil and gas after weak results.虽然进行了大规模勘探,中石化及其竞争对手中石油都没有宣布发现了其他大型页岩气田。这两家国企均在3月表示,它们仍在积极地进行国内的页岩气勘探工作,即便因为收效甚微,它们削减了全球油气勘探的预算。Sinopec and PetroChina, which will hold earnings conferences on Monday and Thursday, respectively, are targets of broad government inquiries into possible corruption, including in their contracts with outside vendors. This has made their executives reluctant to approve further shale drilling contracts, said a Chinese oil industry executive who insisted on anonymity because of the legal issues involved.中石化和中石油将分别于下周一和周四发布财报。这两家企业目前是政府广泛调查的目标,涉及可能的腐败行为,包括它们与外部销售商签订的合同。一名中国石油业高管表示,有鉴于此,公司管理层不愿再批准开采页岩气的新合同。由于涉及法律问题,这名高管要求不具名。China needs to develop better technology before tackling many of its shale deposits, said another executive, Yin Shenping, the chairman and chief executive of Recon Technology, a shale gas services company based in Beijing. “It’s obvious that the country has now decided to slow down the drilling process,” he said.另一名高管——位于北京的页岩气务公司研控科技的董事长兼首席执行官银燊平——表示,中国需要开发更先进的技术,才能对很多国内页岩气田进行开采。他说,“很明显,国家现在已经决定放缓开采过程。”Lower expectations for shale gas have resulted in greater interest in another category of unconventional gas, so-called coal bed methane. In this process, natural gas is gathered by drilling into underground coal seams.对页岩气的较低期望导致对另一种非常规天然气的兴趣上升,那就是煤层甲烷气。在这种工艺中,通过钻探地下煤层来采集天然气。The ed States, Australia and other countries have used this method for several decades. But they often tap the natural gas before coal extraction begins, to reduce the risk that gas will explode in coal mines.在过去数十年中,美国和澳大利亚等国一直在使用这个方法。但它们通常在煤炭开采开始之前采集天然气,以减少煤矿中发生瓦斯爆炸的风险。China’s dilemma is that many of its coal fields aly have working mines. China has 13 percent of the world’s coal reserves but 47 percent of the world’s production. Many Chinese coal mine operators have opposed nearby coal bed methane production, fearing that pumping sand and chemicals into wells to liberate gas might have the unintended effect of driving gas into their mines.中国面临的两难局面在于,很多矿区都已经有了经营中的煤矿。中国的煤炭储量占全世界的13%,但产量占47%。中国的很多煤矿经营者反对在附近开采煤层气,原因是担心向矿井里泵入沙子及化学品,从而释放煤层气的做法,可能会无意间令瓦斯流入矿井中。The Chinese government has negotiated with mine operators and villages here in Shouyang, 220 miles southwest of Beijing, to authorize a large coal bed methane project, led by Far East Energy Corporation, based in Houston. Michael R. McElwrath, chief executive of Far East Energy, said he believed the project would improve coal field safety by removing explosive gas from subterranean seams.为了批准一个大型煤层气项目,政府已经与寿阳的煤矿经营者及各村进行了谈判。该项目将由总部位于休斯顿的远东能源公司(Far East Energy Corporation)牵头开展。远东公司首席执行官迈克尔·R·麦克艾瑞思(Michael R. McElwrath)表示,他相信该项目能够去除地下煤层中的爆炸性气体,从而提高矿区的安全性。But the Shouyang coal field is unusual within China because the coal is fairly permeable, allowing gas to flow underground. If there are no more discoveries of permeable coal, Mr. McElwrath said, “we will have a nice little project but the industry will not take off.”但寿阳煤田的情况在中国并不常见,因为这里的煤层渗透性相当好,天然气能够在地下流动。麦克艾瑞思表示,如果不能发现更多渗透性好的煤田,“我们能开展一个非常棒的小项目,但这个行业不会崛起。”Far East Energy faces its own issues. In June, the company announced that it had shut a quarter of its 160 wells for various reasons, such as gummy gels or a lack of gas-gathering pipelines; it plans to restart most of those wells later. “We are considering a variety of strategic transactions to fund the coming year’s drilling activities,” Mr. McElwrath said, declining to elaborate.远东能源公司也有自己的问题。今年6月,公司宣布,出于胶体粘稠、缺少天然气采集管道等原因,已经关闭了四分之一的矿井。该公司共有160个矿井,计划稍后重启其中的大部分。麦克艾瑞思表示,“我们正在考虑各种战略性的交易,从而为明年的开采活动筹集资金。”但他拒绝详细说明。Crews have been working here over the last several years, laboring in a countryside of yellow dirt so soft that even small streams cut steep-flanked gorges 50 feet deep or more. Some of the locally rented equipment uses designs seldom seen in the ed States since World War II, an indication that China still lags in drilling rig technology. At each location, workers struggle with the many idiosyncrasies.技术人员过去几年一直在这片农村地区工作。这里的黄土非常软,即使是一条小河,都能冲出50英尺(约合15米)甚至更深的陡峭河谷。公司在当地租赁的设备中,有一些使用的设计,二战以后在美国就很少见到了。这说明中国在钻井技术方面还非常落后。在每个开采地点,技术人员都需要应对很多独特的问题。“In the ed States, it comes to the surface easier,” said Robert Hockert, a longtime Wyoming shale gas and coal bed methane drilling manager who is now the China country manager for Far East Energy. “Here, you’ve got to work at it.”远东能源公司中国区经理罗伯特·霍克特(Robert Hockert)曾经长期在怀俄明州管理页岩气和煤层气钻探作业。霍克特说,“在美国,天然气采上来比较容易。在这里,得努力开采才行。” /201408/323596黄冈纹绣眉型哪家好

荆门半永久化妆哪家好 The shadows covered my ball like giant trash bags, and the subtle breaks in the green blended together as if coated in paint. I didn’t care — how could I? I was playing golf at night.阴影像巨大的垃圾袋笼罩了我的球。这片果岭上的细小转折都混在了一起,像刷上了油漆。但我不在乎——在乎又能怎样?我正在晚上打着高尔夫呢。For many casual golfers, this would qualify as the Holy Grail. After all, one of the most difficult things about being a golfer is the time required to complete 18 holes, and while finishing a round in about four hours generally inspires feelings of sheer giddiness among players, those emotions are not typically shared by the player’s waiting spouse or family members. A “quick round” on a weekend often occupies at least half of that day’s daylight hours — a reality that can be especially infuriating if, say, a family is on vacation at the time.对许多休闲高尔夫玩家而言,这就像圣杯(Holy Grail)那么可望而不可及。毕竟,要成为一名高尔夫玩家,最困难的一件事莫过于必须在限定的时间内打完全部的18个洞,虽然在四小时左右打完一场高尔夫,一般会让玩家们高兴得晕头转向,不过这样的情感往往不会感染到那些在苦苦守候他们打完高尔夫的爱人或家人。即便周末“速战速决”地打一场高尔夫,通常也会占用那个白天一大半的时间,这足以让一家人都勃然大怒了,如果那时候他们正好在度假的话。Given that perpetual obstacle, let me offer this suggestion to those golfers who also happen to enjoy spending time with their loved ones: Get yourself to Dubai.考虑到这个一直都存在的问题,请允许我给那些刚好也喜欢和爱人们待在一起的高尔夫玩家们提供一个建议吧:到迪拜去。This may seem incongruous; certainly no one would argue that Dubai, a city that sometimes feels as if it is being built one (oversized) Lego at a time, has the golf cachet of Pebble Beach, Calif., or Pinehurst, N.C. But then, where else can you go on a winter jaunt that will allow you to spend a day at the beach or in a bustling array of old-town markets or atop the observation deck of the world’s tallest skyscraper before having an early dinner with the family, putting the kids to bed and then, with tourist responsibilities fully completed, grabbing your clubs and playing 18 holes with a sky full of stars along for the ride?这话听起来像是乱扯一气;当然没人会说,迪拜这座有时像是用巨型乐高积木一次一块地搭建起来的城市,能像加州的卵石滩、或北卡罗莱纳州的派恩赫斯特(Pinehurst)那样,是最优秀的高尔夫球场。但转念一想,你去哪儿做个冬季的短途旅行能让你像在迪拜一样,白天去海滩上躺一躺,或在熙熙攘攘的闹市区逛一逛,或在那座世界最高的天大楼的观景台上看一看,然后和家人提前吃个晚餐,再把孩子们都哄着上床睡觉,等到作为旅行者的责任都圆满完成后,你再抓起自己的高尔夫球杆,去打一场18个洞的高尔夫球,一路有满天的繁星陪伴着你呢?I was in Dubai late last year to report a few stories for The New York Times but, as I teed off on the Faldo Course at the Emirates Golf Club shortly before 8 one night, it did not escape me that I was beginning my round at roughly the same time as my children would be going to sleep back home. It was a liberating feeling and, also, wholly unfamiliar; after all, so many rounds played by so many golfers around the world involve a mental countdown clock, a harried feeling of needing to hustle so as to be done in time for a soccer practice/baseball game/dance recital/trip to Home Depot.去年下半年,我在迪拜为《纽约时报》做几篇报道,有天晚上快到8点钟的时候,我在阿联酋高尔夫俱乐部的福尔多球场上挥起了球杆,但我忽然想到,开始打这场高尔夫的时间,也正是我的孩子们要回家睡觉的时间。我立刻有了一种自由自在的感觉,不过也是一种非常陌生的感觉,毕竟,世界各地的许多高尔夫玩家在打高尔夫球时,心里都在倒计时,总觉得要动作快一点,匆匆忙忙地把球打完,以便能赶上一次足球训练,或一场棒球比赛,或一次舞蹈表演,又或一次去家得宝(Home Depot)的购物。This was different. At night, the pace of play is quick but the emotions are gloriously slower and dreamier. Like everything else in Dubai, there is construction all around the course at Emirates, but the whirring of the cranes and the backfiring of the ubiquitous trucks quiet to a hum after dark and the skyline that rises above the course, topped, of course, by the spindly Burj Khalifa, makes golfers feel as if they are tiptoeing (or, really, gliding in electric carts) among a cadre of neon giants.这种感觉大不一样。在夜间打球,虽然速度一样很快,心里却一点儿也不急,而且还有一种优哉游哉的感觉。与迪拜的其他地方一样,阿联酋高尔夫球场的周围也在大兴土木,但入夜之后,那些起重机的嗡嗡声和随处可见的卡车所发出的噪音都沉寂了下来,而球场上空的城市天际线,还有其中最高的哈利法塔(Burj Khalifa),会让那些高尔夫玩家们觉得,他们似乎在踮着脚尖(实际上是乘坐着电动车)穿梭于一群霓虹巨人之间。In many ways, a fully floodlit golf course is typical Dubai. There are other places around the world where one can, technically, play golf at night, but these are often tiny tracks, a course of short holes where one might need only a few clubs and an hour’s time to get around. Paying to install bright lights all over a course that can stretch more than 7,000 yards and aly requires a pricey maintenance that includes one million gallons of water per day in the heat of the desert summer is both lavish and ostentatious. But then, those are two adjectives that are not used infrequently in these parts.全灯光照明的高尔夫球场,从各个方面来看都是典型的迪拜特色。世界上还有一些别的地方从技术上说也能在夜间打高尔夫球,但那些地方通常不大,球洞的距离较短,所以你可能只需要几球杆和一个小时的时间就能打完一场高尔夫。花钱给一个绵延7000多码(约6400米)的高尔夫球场装上明亮的灯光设备不但奢侈而且招摇,这样一座球场已经需要一笔不菲的维护费用了,其中包括在沙漠中心地带酷热难当的夏季,每天都要供应100万加仑(440万升)的水。但另一方面,奢侈和招摇本来就是在迪拜常用的形容词。From a design standpoint, the Faldo Course itself is not breathtaking; its sister layout at Emirates, the Majlis, is generally regarded as superior and hosts professional events throughout the year. But while one can certainly choose to play either course during the day, the true allure here is obvious: Why wouldn’t the casual golfer find something else to do in the morning — consider this an enthusiastic plug for visiting the local camel racing track, where the action begins at sunrise — while saving the joy (and pain) of golf for evening?从设计的角度来看,福尔多球场本身并不十分惊人;人们通常认为福尔多的球场——阿联酋的Majlis级别更高,而且那里一年举办多场专业的高尔夫比赛。但是,虽然你在白天可以任意选择去哪座球场,但真正能诱惑你的地方还是显而易见的:为什么休闲高尔夫玩家早上不能去找点别的事情做——考虑到这时候可以兴致勃勃地去看当地的骆驼赛跑,这项活动总是在黎明的时候开始——而把打高尔夫的快乐(与痛苦)都留待晚上呢?All the perks of playing a luxury club remain the same. On my visit, I enjoyed a tasty dinner in the clubhouse restaurant after arriving at the course and changed my shoes in the plush locker room (complete with sauna and steam room) before warming up at the capacious driving range with a set of rental clubs that were top-of-the-line. There were even birds chirping and flying about, their internal body clocks apparently so altered by the bright lights that dusk and dawn have become malleable concepts.豪华高尔夫球场提供的福利都是一样的。我那次去打球的时候,到了球场,在舒适的更衣间(带桑拿与蒸汽房,一应俱全)里换了鞋子之后,就在这家俱乐部的餐厅里享用了一顿美味的晚餐,再来到宽敞的练习场内,用一套租来的顶级球杆热了热身。这里甚至有小鸟叽叽喳喳,飞来飞去,它们的生物钟显然已经受到了明亮灯光的干扰,以至于把晨昏当成了一种可控的概念。Yes, there is some acclimatizing required for night golf: Constantly hitting out of my own (long) shadow took some getting used to, and budding Rory McIlroys who like to analyze every nook and cranny of a green’s tilt will suffer eye strain if they try to identify whether a putt has precisely two inches of break. Tracking the ball’s flight, too, can be a challenge, particularly for shots that fly far from the target line (though that is a problem that is not, shall we say, exclusive to the nighttime). One gentleman I came across recommended switching to a pink ball for greater visibility.当然,要在夜间打高尔夫,还有一些抵抗水土不的要求:我总是要在自己(长长的)影子里打球,这得花些时间来习惯,还有那些刚崭露头角、喜欢仔细分析果岭倾斜处的每个角落与缝隙的罗里·麦克罗伊(Rory McIlroys)之流,如果要去判断一次推杆是否丝毫不差地有两英寸的转折,他们很快就会产生视觉疲劳。追踪球的飞行轨迹可能也是个挑战,尤其是那些打偏了的球(虽然我们说,那个问题并非夜间打高尔夫球所独有的)。我遇见过的一位绅士曾建议,为了看得更清楚一些,可以改用粉红色的球。Golf, like many sports in the ed Arab Emirates, is not a particularly big draw for locals, so the majority of players at Emirates are visitors or expatriates. I played with a Welshman during my visit and as we made our way down the 14th hole sometime after 10 o’clock, we couldn’t help but pause for a moment.高尔夫正如阿联酋的许多运动项目一样,对当地人并不是特别有吸引力,所以这里大部分的高尔夫玩家都是游客或移民。我那次去是与一位威尔士人一起打球,到晚上10点钟时,我们一路打到了第14个球洞,于是都忍不住休息了一会儿。It was the quietest part of the course, tucked away from the croaks and moans of the construction. There were no other golfers around. No cars alongside. No cellphone buzzing in the cart with a text message asking how much longer we would be.这里是这片高尔夫球场中最安静的地方,远离了建筑施工轰轰隆隆的噪音。周围再没有其他的高尔夫玩家了。旁边也没有球车。更没有手机的短信提醒震动——询问我们还要玩多久。There was only a willowy tree canopy looming behind the green and us, two golfers playing a daytime sport, chasing our shots toward a flagstick lit up beneath the moon.这里只有一棵树,那稀疏的树冠笼罩在我们和这片果岭的后面,两名高尔夫玩家正在进行一项白天的运动,追逐着我们打出去的球,迈向一根在月光下闪闪发亮的旗杆。If You Go如果你去的话The Emirates Golf Club (Emirates Hills 2, Dubai, ed Arab Emirates; 971-4-417-9800; dubaigolf#173;.com) is about 30 minutes from the Dubai airport and roughly 25 minutes from Jumeirah Beach. Hotel options, of varying prices, are plentiful in the surrounding area. Greens fees for night golf on the Faldo Course are 425 dirhams, about 8, at 3.60 dirhams to the dollar. Fees for rental clubs are 195 dirhams.阿联酋高尔夫俱乐部(地址在阿联酋的迪拜,阿联酋山2号;971-4-417-9800;dubaigolf-.com)距迪拜机场大约30分钟,距卓美亚海滩(Jumeirah Beach)约25分钟。该区域周围有许多各种价格的酒店可供选择。福尔多夜间高尔夫球场的费用为425迪拉姆,按照1美元兑3.6迪拉姆的汇率,约为118美元(约合人民币732元)。球杆的租赁费用为195迪拉姆(约合人民币335元)。 /201506/378539湖北平眉哪家好黄冈纹美瞳线哪家好



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