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Trying on the Clothes试穿装Try this one, please.请试试这个Can I open up a room you?需要帮您打开一间试衣间吗?The fitting room is over there. Follow me, please.试衣间在那边请跟我来They will stretch a little.穿一穿会松一些的Sorry, you can only bring in three items at a time.对不起,一次只能试穿三件How do I look in this?我穿这件看起来如何?I like this shirt, but the sleeves are a little long.我喜欢这件衬衫,但袖子太长了一点Would you like to try on this pair of low-rider jeans?您想试一下这条低腰牛仔裤吗?Will you try this on size, please?您试试这件的尺寸好吗?It seems a little narrow in the shoulders.肩似乎窄了点儿I am afraid we dont have your size.恐怕没有您要的尺寸Youre in luck. This is our last one.您真走运,这是我们的最后一件了You can try one size up if you feel uncomtable.如果您觉得不舒,可以试试大一个尺码的 593U.S. officials say a new government report details the threat hackers pose to the nations economy, with China a clear leader among countries carrying out cyber attacks.美国官员说,政府发表的一份新政府报告详细说明了电脑黑客对美国经济构成的威胁,在从事网络入侵活动的国家里,中国明显居于首位。Officials have described the classified ;National Intelligence Estimate; to U.S. media, including The Washington Post, which said late Sunday hackers are targeting the energy, finance, information technology, aerospace and automotive sectors.美国官员向包括华盛顿邮报在内的美国媒体说明了加密的“国家情报机构对电脑黑客威胁的评估情况”。华盛顿邮报星期天晚间说电脑黑客入侵能源、财经、信息技术、航天以及汽车制造等部门的网站。Some estimates put the cost to the U.S. economy at tens of billions of dollars each year. But, with some companies reluctant to report when they are hacked, the true cost is not known.一些评估结果显示,电脑黑客每年对美国经济造成的损失为数百亿美元。但一些公司在网络遭到入侵后不愿报告,因此实际损失数字无从得知。The White House is weighing how to respond, with options including possible trade actions and visa restrictions. The Washington Post says President Barack Obama is expected to issue an executive order on cyber security this week aimed at helping the private sector protect against hacking attempts.白宫目前正在考虑如何做出反应,选择方案包括采取贸易手段和实行签限制。华盛顿邮报说,预计奥巴马总统本星期将就网络安全问题发表一项政令,协助保护私营企业的网络免遭电脑黑客入侵。来 /201302/225024Touching Clothes询问是否可以触摸衣物The dress looks beautiful. Can I touch it?这件裙子看起来很漂亮,我能摸一下吗?I am sorry.Miss. It not allowed unless you want to buy it.抱歉,,如果您不想买是不能摸的I see. What about the dress over there? I would like to try on.明白那边的裙子呢?我想试穿一下看看OK.here you are.The fitting room is behind the curtain.好的,给您试衣间在窗帘后面

Bullet trains update 铁道部要求改善动车餐 Bullet trains will increase the supply of fresh meals whose shelf-life is no longer than 72 hours, according to a decision released by the Ministry of Railway, Beijing Morning Post reported. 据《北京晨报》报道,近日铁道部发文,要求动车组列车增加保质期不超2小时的新鲜餐食 The decision follows the public's criticism that meals sold on bullet trains have a 6-month long shelf life, suggesting the use of preservatives in the food. 该决定顺应了此前公众对动车餐食的批评,指责动车餐食保质期竟长个月之久,并怀疑食品中含有防腐剂 The Ministry of Railways has insisted meals with longer shelf-lives are also safe. 铁道部坚持表示,保质期较长的餐食同样安全讲解注释:bullet train 高速火车shelf-life n. 储存期,保质期release v. 发行,发表,发布(消息)criticism n. 批评;His behavior called forth sharp criticism. 他的行为招致尖锐的批评I don't like to his literary criticism. 我不喜欢读他的文学批评Confine your criticism to matters you understand. 发表时不要超出自己所了解的事情的范围preservative n. 防腐剂,预防法Salt is a common food preservative. 盐是一种常用的食物防腐剂It is used as a preservative in certain acid food products. 在某些酸性食物制品中它被使用作为防腐剂insist v. 坚决主张They insist that I stay there for supper. 他们坚决要求让我留下吃晚饭 /201110/158671

The moon is pretty, we guess, but what has it ever done for us? Nothing. Until now! The Shimizu Corporation, an enormous contracting conglomerate, has a plan to turn the moon into a giant, solar panel-covered disco ball, providing "13,000 terawatts of continuous solar energy being transmitted back to receiving stations on Earth, either by laser or microwave." The panels would form a "6,800 mile-long band stretching around the light side of the moon's equator," so, not exactly a disco ball, but pretty close. Finally, a use for the moon!月亮是很美,但有什么用呢?没用!——不过以后可能有用了。日本大型承包企业清Shimizu)公司,打算把月亮用反光板包裹成一个巨大的,太阳能 disco 球。via Gizmodo。具体方式是利用激光或是微波,来为地球的基站提供高3000兆兆瓦的太阳胀?这些反光板会组成一800英寸长的板子,环绕整个月球亮面的赤道。多么奇怪的事情啊。来 /201105/138585

A French media firestorm has been circulating claims that Barack Obama and Beyonce are dangerously in love.法国媒体爆出一劲爆消息:美国总统巴拉奥巴马和碧昂斯陷入危险的恋爱。Rumours of an affair between the American president and the superstar singer- both of whom are married- were first made on Europe 1 radio station this morning.关于已婚的美国总统和超级歌星的恋爱关系的诸多传闻,今早在欧洲第一广播首次被曝光。They led to denials from the Washington Post, who were said to be preparing to break the incredible story.《华盛顿邮报》对这些传闻进行否认,据传《华盛顿邮报》也准备报道这一让人难以置信的故事。Kristine Coratti, director of communications for the newspaper, said: ‘I can tell you that it’s false adding ‘The Washington Post does not produce articlesof this kind.《华盛顿邮报》通讯部总监克里斯丁-科拉蒂说:“我可以告诉你们这是假的,并补充道“华盛顿邮报不会报道此类虚假的消息。”But Pascal Rostain, the photographer who last month took photographs of Mr Hollande secretly visiting a Paris love nest on the back of moped and wearing a crash helmet, spoke of the alleged relationship.但上月拍到法国总统奥朗德骑着托车私会情人的照片,并导致奥朗德和女友分手的摄影师帕斯罗斯坛,也谈到了这段关系。He said revelations of any kind of affair between Mr Obama, 52, and Beyonce, 32, would send shockwaves around the world.他宣2岁的奥巴马和32岁的碧昂丝的婚外情,足以震惊全世界。Beyonce performed ‘America the Beautifulat Obama’s inauguration in and the pair are firm friends.碧昂009年在奥巴马的就职典礼上演唱了爱国歌曲《美哉美利坚》,这对儿多年来有着坚实的友谊。来 /201402/275675

Encountering an Accident遭遇事故A pedestrian was knocked to the ground.有一位行人被撞倒在地The car driver is covered with blood all over.那位汽车司机浑身是血Let hope nobody was hurt.希望没有人受伤He was hit by a truck.他被卡车撞了I stopped, but only just in time.我刹住车了,不过也差一点儿就撞到了It really awful!太可怕了!Dont brake suddenly,the car behind might crash into you.不要突然刹车,后面的车可能会撞到你Try to stay put. I think you might have fractured your leg.试着停留原地不要动我想你的腿可能骨折了Did you have a green light?你走的时候是绿灯吗?Did you yield to the other driver?你看到行人了吗?Did you see the car bee it hit you?在车子撞你之前你看到了车子吗?Keep the vehicles on location until the investigation is over.将车辆停在原来的位置直到调查结束We can help you push the car to the side of the road.我们可以帮你把车推到路边Ill have to call a nearby garage help.我得打电话向附近的汽车修理厂求助 57359

Having people cleaned the room请人收拾房间Excuse me,would you please send a maid here?打扰一下,能派个务员到我这里来吗?Ok,she will be there right away.好的,她马上就到.Housekeeping,May I help you?客房部我能帮您忙吗?Yes,it so dirty here.Can you please help us tidy it?是的,这里太脏了,能帮我收拾下吗?Sure.Thats oK.当然,没问题Thank you so much. Here is your tip.非常感谢,这是给你的小费Thanks.Have a nice day here.谢谢,祝您在这愉快 3567

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