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2013 Boston bomber guilty of all 30 charges波士顿爆炸案凶手30项指控全部成立After more than 11 hours#39; deliberation, a federal jury on Wednesday found 21-year-old Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, a Kyrgyzstan-born US citizen, guilty of the 2013 Boston bombing attacks, which killed three people and injured more than 260.11个多小时的反复推敲过后,一个联邦陪审团于周三判处吉尔吉斯斯坦的21岁美国公民焦哈尔·察尔纳耶夫罪名成立。他是2013年波士顿进行炸弹袭击的主要行凶者,3人因此死亡、260多人受伤。Because the death penalty is a possible punishment in the case, the trial will move to the next phase, in which the same jury will decide whether Tsarnaev should be executed or serve a life sentence in prison.因为本案可能牵涉判处死刑,所以审判将进入下一阶段,同样是该陪审团决定察尔纳耶夫是被执行死刑还是被判终生监禁。 Article/201504/369153Going to California, the happiest day of my life.去加州真是我一生中最快乐的一天Joseph had promised me that one day we would go to California.约瑟夫早就答应过我 有天要带我们去加州l#39;d tell him, #39;No, #39; l said, #39;Your promise came true,我告诉他 不 你的承诺是兑现了#39;but you didn#39;t bring me there, the children did. #39;但不是你带我来的 是孩子们Berry Gordy was having a party for Diana Ross.贝瑞·戈迪正在为黛安娜·罗丝办派对lt was her birthday.刚好是她生日so he asked us to perform at this party for Diana,他要我们在黛安娜的生日会上演出and of course we did.我们当然答应了And at that party was, like, the Temptations, Smokey, the VandeIIas,派对宴客有诱惑合唱团 史基 范达拉the supremes, Four Tops.至上女声三重唱 四顶尖And here we are performing their songs to them.我们却在场唱他们的歌 给他们听so we was quite nervous.非常的紧张l first met Michael, he was, l think he was 10 years old.我第一次遇到迈克尔时 他应该才十岁吧He was flown out with his brothers跟他的兄长一起飞来to sing for Berry Gordy, Jr.为小贝瑞·戈迪演出Berry had invited a bunch of people up to his home.贝瑞请了许多人来家里This little bitry thing came in and he sat down next to me这小不点跑来坐在我旁边and he looked at me and he says, #39;And who are you? #39;看着我问 你是谁啊?l said, ;l#39;m Dionne Warwick. Who are you?;我回 我是狄昂·华薇克 那你又是谁啊?;l#39;m Michael Jackson.;我是迈克尔·杰克逊l said, #39;Nice to know you, Michael Jackson.我说 迈克尔·杰克逊 幸会And what do you do, Michael Jackson? #39;你是做什么的 迈克尔·杰克逊?He says, #39;Oh, l sing. #39;他说 噢 我唱歌啊l said, #39;You sing? Can you sing? #39;我问 唱歌? 你会唱歌吗?He said, #39;Yes, l can sing. #39;他回我 会 我会唱歌l mean, little feisty, beautiful young boy.一个有冲劲又漂亮的小男孩l said, #39;Well, that#39;s what we#39;re here for.我说 我们就是为了这个来的We#39;re gonna see if you can sing. #39;我们来看你们会不会唱歌 Article/201508/394609Hey,Head squeezes,hope you#39;re well,we#39;re gonna try a slightly different approach to my Qamp;A s,We#39;re gonna go for one question per short,snappy,to the point,Eh...Mostly we are gonna make more of them and put them out more often,Let us know what you think,We hope you like them.这是Head Squeeze 希望你还好,我们要稍稍换一个方法来做问答视频,我们将在一个视频中解答一个问题,简短,时髦,切题.我们会尽可能多做视频,并且更经常把它们发布出来,告诉我们你在想些什么,我们希望你喜欢这些视频。But,put your comments down below this .we will them all and whatever you guys suggest,we#39;ll try to build in to these s,all well. So,let#39;s start with an absolute ultimate question via Youtube from ANDKIT4747249,catchy.另外,请在这些视频下面留下你的.我们会看完它们并且无论你建议什么,我们也会尽量将其融入这些视频中,那么让我们从一个很高级的问题开始.来自YouTube的ANDKIT4747249 很吸引人。The question is:Why don#39;t birds fall out of trees when they sleep,Now,for this,I need to do my best Mary Poppins meets Shooting Stars impression to bring on the birds,so here we go,PURR...COOL...Job done,Right.Now,this is all about feet .Human feet may differ in their size,and also their smell,But they don#39;t really differ that much apart from that whereas birds feet vary a lot.just think about the talons of an eagle,or the webbed feet of a duck.问题是: 为什么鸟儿在睡觉时人会从树上掉下来,好,为此我得施展如Mary Poppins 流量般从天而降,那样的效果来召唤神鸟,来吧。(噗)任务完成,好的.这一切都是和脚有关。人类的脚也许大小不同,气味也不同,但除此之外它们的差别不那么大,然而鸟类的足部有很大差别.想想老鹰的爪,和鸭子的蹼。Now birds that sleep up on branches like sparrows and wrens,they are known as the passerines if I just pull#39;em over,These birds usually have 4 toes,They#39;ve got three at the front that bend forwards and they#39;ve got one at the back that actually bends backwards,known as the hallux,Off you go,Now those feet are made out of tendons and bones,and they are wrapped and are kind of thick tough scaly skin.那些在树枝上睡觉的鸟,比如鹦鹉和鹪鹩,它们被称雀形目的鸟.让我把它拿到这里,这此鸟儿一般有四只脚趾。它们的前三只脚趾前倾还有一只脚趾事实上后倾,这被称为后趾,你可以飞走了,鸟儿的那些脚是由肌腱和骨骼组成,它们被包在一起,是一层又厚又硬的鳞皮。Two of those tendons,the flexor tendons that extend all the way down through the leg muscle and into the toe,Now when a bird comes and lands it#39;s those flexor tendons that immediately and involuntarily flex and attach them to that branch,even if they fall asleep,it doesn#39;t matter,Those tendons are attached to the branch.其中的两条肌腱,即两条屈肌通过腿部肌肉一路下去延伸到脚趾。当一只鸟飞过来着陆时,正是这些屈肌立刻本能地收缩,并紧贴到树枝上,即使鸟儿睡着了也没有关系,那些肌腱已经紧贴到树枝上了。It#39;s the weight of the bird that actually cause them to grip on ,Off you go,Now actually what can happen is that people have found birds are dead.but still clinging on to a branch,Nice .So there you go,one question,one answer,Nice and short and sweet,we hope you like it ,Do let us know what you think,If you#39;ve got any more questions about sleep or about birds,the feather variety.是鸟儿的体重使得肌腱,你可以飞走了.有这样一件事,人们发现一些鸟儿已经死去,却仍然紧紧抓在树枝上,不错,正是如此,一个问题,一个。精妙,简短又有趣,我们希望你喜欢。请让我们知道你在想什么,如果你还有关于睡眠的问题,或是关于鸟儿,这些浑身是羽毛的动物。 Article/201507/383669

When I was in my 20s,我二十多岁时I did some of the basic mathematics of black holes,对黑洞进行过一些基础演算but few people shared my fascination.但少有人与我志同道合These days, they are a popular subject.现今,黑洞成为流行的课题Physicists all over the world are studying black hole behavior.全世界的物理学家都在研究黑洞行为We now know that black holes现在我们知道黑洞are not only fascinating in their own right,不仅因它们自身的特点受到欢迎but that they play a还因为它们在星系形成过程中fundamental role in the formation of galaxies.起到至关重要的作用They also give us a glimpse of how the universe may end.同时让我们得以一窥宇宙可能的灭亡方式A black hole forms when a large star,当一颗比太阳大20倍的大恒星one say, 20 times the mass of our sun, comes to the end of its life.走向生命尽头时,黑洞就产生了Such a star looks nothing like our sun这样的恒星与太阳完全不同 because it#39;s become unstable,因为开始灭亡时convulsing violently as its death throws begin.它变得不稳定并剧烈震动Finally it runs out of fuel and begins to shrink,最终,它燃料耗尽,开始收缩getting denser and denser, hotter and hotter.密度越来越大,温度越来越高But with a star this massive,但对于如此巨大的恒星there is no force in the universe宇宙中没有任何力量capable of stopping the collapse.能够阻止恒星崩塌The core is so heavy that it just keeps on falling in on itself.内核太过沉重以至于不断坍缩Gravity is running wild.万有引力如脱缰之马In just 15 seconds or so,仅仅十五秒钟左右the unstoppable force crushes the star from这股无坚不摧的力量将此恒星直径millions of miles in diameter to as little as 12 miles in diameter.从数百万英里压至十二英里All the mass that was in the star is still there,恒星的质量没有发生改变but its own weight keeps但它自身的重量forcing it down smaller and smaller still.一直在迫使它变得越来越小The temperature of the core sores to 100 billion degrees.内核温度飙升至一千亿摄氏度The outer layers are blasted away in a massive supernova.恒星外层在剧烈的超新星爆炸中解体But deep in the center, the core falls down但在恒星中心深处,内核逐渐陷入what we call a gravitational well.所谓的重力势阱It crushes itself into a single point.它坍缩成一个点A black hole is born.黑洞便诞生了Nothing nearby can escape its pull,附近的一切都无法逃脱它的引力 not even light.甚至光也难以幸免It#39;s hard to imagine just how dense a black hole can be.黑洞的密度大到人类难以想象But I#39;ll try to put it into perspective using something familiar.但我要借用大家熟悉的事物进行深入剖析The Earth.地球 Article/201509/398703

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