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内江美甲美容微整形加盟批发市场培训阿坝州纹绣美甲美睫批发商城市场培训学校排行榜洋话连篇之新洋话1000句 Lesson 29What is the producer section?The check out counter is very busy.How fresh are these vegetables?In what area you can I find the?Where are the shopping carts?Paper or plastic?I forget the grosery list.Where is the daily food section?Can I get the price check on? 推荐专题:英语九百句英音版英语会话800句新东方英语900句 /200603/5525广汉半永久化妆术课程班培训学校哪个好些 Today I#39;m going to do another on linking.今天,我要再做一个关于连读的视频。And today specifically, we#39;ll talk about linking two words when one ends in a vowel sound and the next one begins in a vowel sound -- vowel or diphthong sound.具体来说,今天我们要讨论的是当一个单词以元音结尾,下一个单词以元音或复合元音开头时这两个单词的连读。In this case, there should be constant sound when you are linking; there should be no break between the words.在这种情况下,你连读时要连续不间断地读,单词之间不能有停顿。Let#39;s take for example the sentence, ;Did you exercise?;;Ooo--eh, oo-eh. You--eh, you exercise. ;我们以这个句子为例子,;Did you exercise?;;Ooo--eh, oo-eh. You--eh, you exercise. ;Some of my students put a tiny break between each word.我的一些学生会在每个单词之间小小地停顿一下。And if you say ;oo eh; with a tiny break, no matter now small that break is, it#39;s still not linked. ;Ooeh, ooeh;, constant sound.如果你在说“oo eh”的时候有小停顿,不管这个停顿的时间有多短,它都不是连读。;Ooeh, ooeh;,要连续不间断地读。Now, I#39;ll note that there are two consonant sounds, the W and the Y, that are glide consonants.在这里,我要指出两个辅音,W和Y音,它们是滑移辅音。And you may find that you feel like you#39;re making one of these sometimes when you link. That#39;s ok. ;You-eh.;你可能会发现自己在连读时好像在发这两个音。没关系。;You-eh.;The ;oo; as in ;boo; is very related to the W consonant sound. So if you feel like you#39;re making that W consonant sound, don#39;t worry about it.单词“boo”里的“oo”音和辅音W十分相近,所以,如果你觉得自己在发辅音W的话,不用担心。Think about the constant sound, ;uh;, of your vocal cords underneath the vowel sounds that you#39;re making. ;Oo-eh, oo-eh.;想想你在发元音时,在元音下面,你的声带所发出的辅音“uh”。;Oo-eh, oo-eh.;For some of you this will be no problem, because your native language also links.对于你们中的一些人来说,这不是问题,因为在你们的母语中也会有连读。For some of you however, though it#39;s a simple concept, it will take a while to get comfortable with that, to break the habit of putting tiny breaks between words.然而对于另外一些人来说,这虽然是一个简单的概念,但还是需要一段时间来习惯,来改掉在单词之间停顿的习惯。So, let#39;s look at some further examples.那么我们再来看一些例子。In this sentence, the word ;yellow; ends with the ;oh; as in ;no; diphthong, and the word ;apple; with the AA vowel.在这个句子里,单词“yellow”以“no”里面的复合元音“oh”结尾,单词“apple”以AA元音开头。;Oh, aa. Oh-aa, oh-aa;, no break in sound. ;Oh-aa.; And now quicker: ;oh-aa, oh-aa. I#39;d like the yellow apple.;;Oh, aa. Oh-aa, oh-aa;,中间没有停顿。;Oh-aa.;现在加快速度:;oh-aa, oh-aa. I#39;d like the yellow apple.;The ;ai; as in ;buy; diphthong linking with the AA. ;Aiaa, aiaa, aiaa, aiaa, aiaa. I actually did.;单词“buy”里面的复合元音“ai”和AA元音连读。;Aiaa, aiaa, aiaa, aiaa, aiaa. I actually did.;This next sentence is the title of a standard that I happened to have in my head while I was brainstorming this blog.下面这个句子是我在构思这个客时碰巧想到的一个标准的标题。We have the ;ee; as in ;she; vowel linking to the ;ih; as in ;sit; vowel. ;Ee-ih, ee-ih, ee-ih, ee-ih, ee-ih, ee-ih. Don#39;t fence me in.;在这里,单词“she”里面的“ee”元音和“sit”里的“ih”元音连读。;Ee-ih, ee-ih, ee-ih, ee-ih, ee-ih, ee-ih. Don#39;t fence me in.;Here we have the ;ee; as in ;she; linking to the schwa sound. ;Ee-uh, ee-uh, ee-uh, ee-uh. She wants to be alone.;在这里,单词“she”里面的“ee”元音和弱读元音连读。;Ee-uh, ee-uh, ee-uh, ee-uh. She wants to be alone.;And here the ;ow; as in ;now; diphthong linking to the schwa. ;Ow-uh, ow-uh, ow-uh, ow-uh. How about tomorrow?;在这里,单词“now”里面的复合元音“ow”与弱读元音连读。;Ow-uh, ow-uh, ow-uh, ow-uh. How about tomorrow?;The EE vowel linking to the AA vowel. ;Ee, aa, ee-aa, ee-aa, ee-aa, ee-aa. I like Woody Allen movies.;EE元音与AA元音连读。;Ee, aa, ee-aa, ee-aa, ee-aa, ee-aa. I like Woody Allen movies.;The ;ee; as in ;she; vowel linking to the ;ah; as in ;father; vowel. ;Ee, ah, ee-ah, ee-ah, ee-ah, ee-ah. I#39;d be honored.;单词“she”里面的“ee”元音与单词“father”里面的“ah”元音连读。;Ee, ah, ee-ah, ee-ah, ee-ah, ee-ah. I#39;d be honored.;This last sentence has two examples.最后这个句子里面有两个例子。The ;ai; as in ;buy; diphthong linking to the ;aw; as in ;law; vowel. ;Ai-aw, ai-aw, ai-aw. I almost.;单词“buy”里面的复合元音“ai”与单词“law”里面的“aw”元音连读。;Ai-aw, ai-aw, ai-aw. I almost.;The ;ee; as in ;she; vowel linking to the ;ai; as in ;buy; diphthong. ;Ee, ai, ee-ai, ee-ai. The ice. I almost fell on the ice.;单词“she”里面的“ee”元音与单词“buy”里面的“ai”复合元音连读。;Ee, ai, ee-ai, ee-ai. The ice. I almost fell on the ice.;That#39;s it and thanks so much for using Rachel#39;s English.这次的学习就到这里,非常感谢使用Rachel#39;s English。 Article/201707/516334攀枝花皮肤管理纹绣半永久加盟电话地址和微信qq

内江市美甲美容微整形培训TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想 Article/201607/452237阿坝州市美甲职业技能技术电话地址和微信qq In Argentina a group of scientists prepare for a major expedition.在阿根廷,一群科学家正为长途探险做着准备Their journey will take them back in time to a world that is almost completely unknown to science.这趟旅程将把他们带回过去,到达一个科学家们完全不知晓的陌生世界It is a world that holds the key to the most extraordinary time in the dinosaurs evolution.那个世界中藏着一把钥匙,将能开启非凡的恐龙进化时代的大门Their destination is the heart of the Patagonian wilderness.他们的目的地是巴塔哥尼亚荒原的中心地带Here they hope to find the clues that will fill in the great black hole at the heart of the dinosaur story.他们希望在此找到线索,以填补恐龙故事中的巨大黑洞What we have here is a locality that spans this timespan that we know very little about.在这里有一个地点,我们对它那个时代所知甚少We have the hope to really get now a big piece of the puzzle concerning the black age of the dinosaur era.我们希望它能帮我们拼出一幅大拼图,关于恐龙纪元的黑暗年代This is the journey back in time that every dinosaur scientist in the world wants to take这是一趟世界上所有恐龙专家都渴望经历的时光之旅because it is a journey that may finally unlock the secret of how the dinosaurs came to rule the world.因为这趟旅程很有可能最终解开恐龙如何称霸世界的谜团150 million years ago Earth was the planet of the dinosaurs.1亿5千万年前,地球是恐龙主宰的星球It#39;s a period scientists call the late Jurassic.科学家们称这个时期为晚侏罗世。 Article/201704/502238雅安市皮肤管理纹绣半永久加盟加盟批发市场培训

绵竹市纹绣半永久加盟培训课程多少钱如果不能正常播放,请刷新页面,因为有视频加载延迟。如果您没有安装合适的播放器,请从 在此 或者 官方网站下载Flash播放器 /200701/9931 新英语900句视频版 第31课:怎么认识的 文本如下:MIGUEL: Marta, how did you meet Michael Crawford?玛它,你是怎样认识麦可·郭佛的?MARTA: It#39;s a funny story. One day while I was coming down 88th Street,说起来真好笑,有一天我顺着八十八街走的时候,MARTA: I tripped and fell.失足跌倒了,MARTA: My packages spilled all over the sidewalk.携带的东西都散落了整个人行道.MARTA: I twisted my ankle, and I couldn#39;t stand up.我的脚踝扭伤,简直无法站起来.MIGUEL: Didn#39;t anyone help you?没有人帮你吗?MARTA: A couple was passing by and helped me pick up my groceries. They even carried them home for me. The guy was Michael.刚好有一对男女走过,他们帮助我把东西拣起来,还替我拿回家去,那个男的就是麦可.MIGUEL: How long ago was that?多久以前的事?MARTA: Oh, about a year ago, I guess. Then, as we were walking home, he mentioned he lived in the neighborhood. So I made a friend.噢,大概一年以前.我想。然后在回家的途中,他说他就住在附近,于是我们交了朋友,MARTA: He gives me English lessons, too.他还替我补习英文.MIGUEL: But he#39;s a painter, isn#39;t he?咦?他不是一个画家吗?MARTA: Yes, I think so. Why?嗯,好像是,你为什么问这个?MIGUEL: I#39;m just putting two and two together.举一反三嘛!MARTA: What do you mean?什么意思?MIGUEL: I saw a picture of Michael on Pedro#39;s desk.我在佩德罗的书桌上看到麦可的照片.MARTA: Michael and Pedro!麦可和佩德罗!MARTA: I didn#39;t know they knew each other.他们彼此认识,我倒还不知道.MIGUEL: Neither did I. But apparently, they used to be best friends.我也不知道.不过,很显然的,他们一度是最好的朋友.MARTA: Really?真的?MARTA: They don#39;t seem to have much in common.他们好像并没有什么共同点,MARTA: What happened?是怎么回事?MIGUEL: To make a long story short, Michael#39;s old girlfriend fell in love with Pedro.长话短说,麦可以前的女朋友与佩德罗相爱了.MARTA: Oh.噢,MARTA: That sounds like Pedro.听起来就像是佩德罗干的.MIGUEL: No, it wasn#39;t exactly Pedro#39;s fault, but Michael wouldn#39;t speak to him after that.不,这不完全是佩德罗的过失,但是从那个时候起,麦可就不愿意和他说话了.MARTA: That#39;s understandable.那是可以了解的.MIGUEL: Maybe. But it#39;s a shame.也许.不过,我总觉得那是很丢人的.MARTA: Well, Michael is sensitive. That#39;s why he#39;s so charming.嗯,麦可就是敏感一点,所以才那么令人着迷.MIGUEL: Yes, but now that Michael is seeing Joana, I hope he#39;ll forgive Pedro.不错,但是麦可既然和琼娜在谈恋爱,我希望他会原谅佩德罗.MARTA: You don#39;t have to worry about Pedro.你用不着替佩德罗担忧.MIGUEL: I know, but I think a good friendship deserves a second chance.我知道,但是我认为深厚的友情应该有言归于好的机会.MARTA: So do I, but...我也这样觉得,不过...MIGUEL: And Pedro needs his old friend. He#39;s very lonely.尔且佩德罗需要他的老朋友,他非常孤单.MARTA: Lonely? Every time I see him he#39;s with a different woman.孤单?每次我看到他都和不同的女孩子在一起. /200809/47684重庆/日式法式美甲美睫培训课程报名地址官网在哪里崇州纹绣纹眉皮肤整形美容培训学校排行榜



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